Hey, guys thanks for landing this article, if you are a real gamer then I must say this article helps you to choose the best games of the PC.Today we are going to tell you the top 5 pc games.So without getting into query lets directly jump into the article.There is a great list to go buy if you just getting into PC gaming and you want some great games to play.


Mass Effect Series


Mass Effect Series is one of the best gaming trilogies of all time.Mass Effect, in my opinion, is still one of the best role-playing games of all time.That type of game is near perfection, the gameplay was great the story was amazing the voice acting was outstanding and even in 2015 I think Mass Effect 2 still looks great.The development of the Game is great because the series of to pick up on PC to great RPG series provides you a lot of hours of entertainment.You can pick up the game super cheap so I think Mass Effect Series is an essential Game for all PC Gamers.

Crysis Series


The No 9 on our list is the Crysis Series.Now just like Mass Effect a lot of people are off put by Crysis 3 and am gonna actually be in that camp of people.This Game is not the best in my opinion but the Crysis 2, I thought was outstanding and this game is on the list because a lot of people love this game due to its amazing Graphics quality and you want the best graphics game you got a look at Crysis as the number one game.

Amazing MODS of this game

The original Crysis was released in 2007 and even 2015 8 years later Crysis is one of the best games.There is also available a lot of MODS to make Crysis look even better than they already do.

Elder Scrolls+Fallout Series


The next is Elder Scrolls series and Fallout series now both of these two are long-running game.You can get a better frame rate better Graphics Quality and better sound effect and really the killing features in the MODS of this game and yes with Fallout 4 on the X Box and in the play station 4 they will have the MOD support probably not to the level of the PC version of the games.

Battlefield Games


This is the amazing games because it has the best quality features and the Graphics are up to the mark.The Battlefield is the best game in the series.Battlefield 3 was actually one of the biggest games to get a lot of people to move to a PC gaming, and obviously, these two parts of this games have great visuals.There is a multiplayer option is available and a lot of people are the move to the Battlefield Hardline but the Battlefield 4 is always fantastic game.If you are looking for a Multiplayer shooter with great visuals then I must say you can try this Game.

Grand Theft Auto 5


The last game on our list is Grand Theft Auto 5.To be honest the entire Grand Theft Auto series is very amazing and good.GTA 4 is definitely not the best GTA Game of this series the games got a lot of MODS on PC that make it a tonne of fun.This game is just got amazing Graphics and it has an excellent story in comparison to other GTA games.GTA 5 is just another one of those games that have got a lot of contacts it got an online mode.

Finally, we hope guys you find our list of:”top 5 pc games”.If you really think that we have made some efforts then don,t forget to appreciate our efforts, and if you have any queries then feel free to let us know via comments below.

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