Top 5 Headphones under Rs 2000

Top 5 Headphones under Rs 2000
Hello, guys, there is some organization which cannot give a couple of Headphones with their Cell Phones, there are few Headphones we have search for you.While these organizations offer Headphones independently at current cost.There are many great companies which can offer the best deals with Headphones such as Sennheiser, Skullcandy.So we have a list of Top 5 Headphones under Rs 2000.So if you are searching for the Headphones 2017 then we must say you are in the right place.So without getting into query lets directly jump into the collection of the Headphones.

Top 5 Headphones under Rs 2000


Philips SHL3060BK/00

So starting off the list we have a basic pair of headphones from Philips.So as we all know Philips is a great company when it comes to audio equipment.They provide good equipment for the lesser price and that is the aim.So if you don’t want anything fancy you want just a basic pair of Headphones then you can definitely go ahead and buy these.They can be used for editing and also be used for media.They come for a Price of Rs 900 only and they are also called as Dj type monitoring Headphones.So if you have DJ then these Headphones is the very good deal for you.

Audio Technica ATH S-100

headphones under Rs 2000

These pair of Headphones are really good when it comes to video editing.So I went through a lot of Headphones before buying these ones.These are perfect for video editing because they are really amazing when it comes to the base.These Headphones are really very heavy base you can say.So when we edit our videos often times we need to increase the base of our mic.Audio Technica is a great company when it comes to its looks.

JBL T450

JBL is a very good company when it comes to audio equipment.They create a very good audio equipment in terms of build quality as well as sound quality.So these are the JBL T450 and they are the little bit expensive as compare to Philips.They come for a price of Rupees 2000 but overall the sound quality is just awesome.It will give you a very good experience when you go ahead and buy JBL T450.Now in this article, the first three pair of Headphones are similar enough in terms of Sound quality and built quality.JBL T450 is very good for media so if you want to listen to a media then you can definitely go ahead and buy these Headphones but as far as for video editing I would not become d the Headphones because there are some awesome options are coming in this article.

Sony MDR-XB450AP

The great thing about these pair of Headphones is that they have the really good base so again it helps in term of video editing because often times when we edit videos we require a lot of bases in Headphones so that is the main reason I choose these Headphones when I go for video editing.These headphones are really good sound quality.If you are a base lover then you definitely go through with these Headphones.

Sennheiser HD 202

The last but not least we have the Sennheiser HD 202. pro Headphones.So as the name suggests they are pro Headphones.Now, where can you use these Headphones they lie somewhere between JBL T450 AND Sony MDR-XB450AP that means they are good for video editing as well as media if you want these Headphones for both then you can definitely go ahead and buy these Headphones.

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So these are the Top 5 Headphones which are currently priced in 2000.If you really think that we have made some efforts then don,t forget to appreciate our efforts, and if you have any queries then feel free to let us know via comments below.


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