Top 5 flagship Phones

Top 5 flagship Phones

Hello, friends first of all thanks to all of you for landing this articles, if you are searching for the Top 5 flagship Phones.Then we must say you are in the right place.Today we are talking about the Top 5 flagship phones which are very good in features and Quality.

Top 5 flagship Phones

 1: iPhone x

Top 5 flagship Phones

A physical object that disappears into the experience.This is iPhone 10 developing the amazing display defines a whole new integration making the boundary between the device and the screen, The custom OLED Pannel was engineered to fold seamlessly combine with the external surfaces.Mechanical buttons giveaway to touch gestures.There is no home button a single swipe takes you the Homescreen.A more responsive touch system means the gestures in iOS 11 are more fluid.

The polish stainless steel band reinforces the water resistant glass design.Its new glass formulation is the most durable ever on any Smartphone enables for the first time wireless charging.A new true Camera system contains within its Tiny has an extraordinary depth sensing Technology to let you unlock your Phone.This works as a Face id.It maps the unique geometry of your face with the 30,000 invisible dots.Your iPhone now recognizes you even in the dark.

This makes your face as your secure password.So with just a look, you can authenticate your phone.They treat that’s Camera also enable new experiences like bringing an Emoji alive by mapping your 50 muscles in real time.Both the front and Rear camera now have Portrait mode.Based on fundamental photographic Principles portrait lighting produces the effect of real Studio lighting.On the back, the Camera system is totally redesigned and even Smarter by the A11 bionic chip.So this is the iPhone 10.


Top 5 flagship Phones
The phone that defines big just got bigger.Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.It,s design has evolved with a bigger infinity Display it fits perfectly ion your hand.It refines your experience and redefines what you can do with your phone.The S pen will allow you to go further.You can write down anything and command your Phone in your way.Translate and convert anything at the tip of the Pen.The S pen also opens a whole new way to communicate.You can create your own live message to express your self in fun and unique ways.The S pen is also water resistant which means its ready whenever your idea strikes.

The Note 8 has more advanced Camera it brightens your journey even under low light conditions and with the new Dual Camera not only do you get outstanding Portrait but it also reveals the hidden story and freely adjust the background to focus on what really matters.Note 8 also has an Optical Stabilization of both Cameras get closer even on the move.It will keep steady to take a clear photo and with two times Optical Zoom easily capture a scene without missing any single detail.In the Samsung Desk, you can have a PC like an experience from your Phone to your Monitor.You can also launch two Apps at once on the Big Screen to conveniently go through your everyday routine.The Bixby understand your Commands and it also translates and provides the information you need without typing a single word.You can enjoy the full cinematic experiences with the infinity display.The phone that defines big just got bigger.


Top 5 flagship Phones

On October 2 Google unveil two Smartphones the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL.These were two of the most highly dissipated devices for 2017.The Pixel 2 retails for 650 Dollars with 5-inch 1080p AMOLED Display.It has Snapdragon 835 CPU,4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage that unfortunately it cannot be expandable but there are a 128 GB variants are also available in the market.There is three color option to chose from just black, clearly White and Blue.The Pixel 2 is similar Design language to the Nexus 6P with its larger Bezzels, the Dual front-facing Speakers and the fingerprint which is located at the back.The build quality is very good it consists a metal unibody construction and the body is covered with Premium Hybrid coating material that feels softer in Touch and in my opinion, is better than the Glass back.This Phone has water resistant coating which is very good.It has a Dual front-facing Speaker which is very amazing and it has a greater Sound quality.

4: LG V30

Top 5 flagship Phones

The LG V30 is the big flagship phone of LG.The LG V30 is very good in photography, videography, and Audio.It is Powered by Snapdragon 835 Process0ors and 4 GB of RAM.This phone has two Model one is 64 GB variant and other is 128 variant.The performance of this phone is very fast it performs just as well as you expected for a Flagship phone its fast, fluid and it is very responsive to launch Apps and its quick to multi Task and also it is very good in playing Graphically integrated game.The LG V30 is water and dust resistant its mean you can use it in the Rai or drop it in a puddle of water and it will be perfectly fine.The fingerprint Sensor in the phone is on the back and it is nice and centered so it is easy to reach with your index finger and it’s very fast and accurate.The design of LG V30 is the little bit more elegant and more mainstream it is very similar to a lot of Smartphones.

5: OnePlus 5T

Top 5 flagship Phones

The design of OnePlus 5T is very attractive because of the screen that now up all of the fronts.This phone is Powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset and the Specifications is very close to the Oneplus 5 apart from the screen and it comes with the
4 GB and 8 GB of RAM.This Phone comes with the storage of this phone is 64 GB and 128 GB.The battery of this phone is 3380 mAh.The first thing is the screen it has that new aspect ratio which makes it Modern like Galaxy Note 8.The fingerprinter reader is on the back and its still ceramic reader which means its a very fast and a very reliable fingerprint reader for just unlocking the device very easily by simply tapping it.There is another way to unlocking the device its called face unlock but it not that much protective.

Finally, we hope guys you find our list of”Top 5 flagship Phones “.If you really think that we have made some efforts then don,t forget to appreciate our efforts, and if you have any queries then feel free to let us know via comments below.


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