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Let us introduce Charges the World,s Most Advanced Universal Travel Adapter that also charges your mobile devices without any additional charges.It works in the USA, UK, Europe and over 150 other Countries.The idea was born out of the everyday struggle of the people.Chargest conforms to plug Standards in the USA, UK, Europe and 150 Countries around the world.You can plug the device in any outlive worldwide with all the plugs conveniently stores inside.This device saves you space and the forgetting or losing your chargers.The height of the pins is just about to fit in any case or Protectors.Now you can charge your Smartphone and Tablets at the same time using the two integrated pins without carrying any additional chargers.Chargest supports Micro USB and USB type-C standards.It has also 3 additional USB Ports make it the most convenient universal charger Adapter.

2: PUP



It is the first ever connected pocket Scanner.This device is Mobile, Tiny, Lightweight, Wireless with a longlasting Battery.The PuP is very simple to use thanks to its unique pattern.It is Smart and it Automatically takes care of every step from your sheet of paper.The PUP allows you to stay comfortable where you are without moving around.You don’t need to worry about Paper Dimensions anymore.The PUP is so simple to use.Choose your Scenario fit the Laser to the pages and press the button.Your document has just been transferred according to your choice.It is incredibly very fast and easy to use.

3: Remarkable: The Paper Tablet

amazing future gadgets

It let,s you read, write and sketch with Paper like for you.This device replaces your Notebooks, Sketchbooks, and Printed Documents.Its Powered by breakthrough Technology. It delivers the fast and Precise Strokes and has crisp black ink.Now let’s see what Remarkable can do?Reading shows Remarkable at its best.There is no distraction and it feels comfortable Paper like surface.The most common format is supported and an easy transfer to the Remarkable by Wifi.You can write directly on the page, make notes or Highlights and instantly shares your notes with others.You can even rest your hand on the display.It let,s you organize your notes in multiple notebooks.Sketching on the Remarkable is the only digital experience that actually feels like paper it offers a paper experience with Digital tools.

4: MotherBox

amazing future gadgets

The first and only wireless charger that charges your phone.It provides power on the domain so you always stay PLugged in no matter where you go.Setup is fast and simple just download the App and connects to your MotherBox experience real wireless charging.The Mother Box keeps you charged on the go and this device can keep your device is powered while you relax in your home.


amazing future gadgets

MUZO is the first device that comes with special vibration Technology for smooth surfaces.The dedicated Neo Magnetic System is the Soul of MUZO.It is Powered by Billion sound Technology.It can generate Dynamic realistic sounds while canceling vibration.This device designed to be streamlined and balanced.It allows MUZO to generate even vibrations towards the attaching surface with the TPE material MUZO can be stuck and repositioned under any surface, you can turn every area into your own personal place.If you confirm MUZO with your Smartphone switch in the Serenity Mode and enjoy some relaxing Time.

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