Hello, friends first of all thanks to all of you for landing this articles.In this article, we talk about SNAPDRAGON VS MEDIATEK-Which is better?Today we are talking about Snapdragon and MediaTek processors of our Smartphones.So without getting into query lets start from the beginning.


As many of you think Snapdragon and MediaTek are not just processors they are called system on chips.So it is a single chip which contains your CPU, GPU, Cellular ModeM, WIFI, Bluetooth Modules etc.Now if you are wondering why your phone doesn’t support 4G that’s probably because it doesn’t have the necessary radio Sensors will within its SOC.So it is important to know what SOC is used on the smartphone you are a planning to buy.The true leading SOC makers are the moment are Qualcomm with its Snapdragon range and MediaTek with its empty chipsets.


We need to comfort the chipsets and find out what are the differences?
Considering the CPU both Snapdragon and MediaTek Processors are based on Arm architecture it is an architecture that is designed primarily for low energy consumption, for example, A typical Quad-core Processors has two high power cores for high performance and two low power cores for low energy consumption.If both use the same architecture what is the difference?The main difference is that MediaTek doesn’t tinker with the architecture whereas Qualcomm modifies the architecture to optimize its chipset for better performance and low power consumption.Considering the GPU Qualcomm uses its own ADRENO GPU in its chipset and while MediaTek uses its MALI GPU, both the GPU,s are great but developers usually prefer ADREON to develop and test their games.So some of the games will not be comfortable with phones running on MediaTek’s MALI GPU.Then it comes to performance there is no comparison since MediaTek concentrates mostly in the budget segments whereas Snapdragon, on the other hand, is the cortex chipset for all higher phones.So how do Snapdragon chipsets achieve high performance the secret is Heterogeneous Computing.Let me explain with an example if you use the camera app on the Snapdragon chipset there is a separate camera module that process the images and this utilizes the less battery, but on the other hand in MediaTek Processor both CPU and GPU are involved in image processing this leads to more heat dissipation and faster battery drainage.MediaTek believes in profit from volumes rather than bigger profits from selling lesser units.On the other hand, Qualcomm Snapdragon is all about cutting-edge technology and long battery life.Qualcomm chipsets are usually more pricer than MediaTek Processors.So finally which chipset is better?It really depends on your usage.SNAPDRAGON VS MEDIATEK

The Media Tek processor is coming up with 64 bit LTE enabled hardware. However, Qualcomm is insufficient to provide such a configuration till now. Moreover, the smartphones having Qualcomm Snapdragon processor heat up very early and have high battery consumption while this is not the case with Media Tek Processor.

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