The future of Driverless Cars

Hey, guys thanks for landing this article, if you want to know about the future of Driverless Cars then we must say you are in the right place.In this article, we are going to tell you how driverless Cars works.So without wasting time let,s directly jump into an article.

The future of Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars

We don,t know exactly when we are going to buy the Autonomous Cars but we do know the opportunity is coming soon.The idea first appeared in 1930, and the monthly Sci-fi magazine called “AIR WONDER STORIES”, but it wasn’t until 1980 when the Carnegie Mellon University created the first self-sufficient and truly autonomous car, the autonomous wheel comes in a long way the, especially in the last 10 years.In 2008, the Autonomous movements biggest achievement came when a self-driving Volkswagen was able to recognize the stop sign and apply the brakes on its own.

Self Driving Cars-Google

Driverless Cars

Two years later in 2010 Google had built entire fully Autonomous cars.Driving alongside other Cars and pedestrian and obeying not just stop signs but all traffic signal including traffic lights.The speed of cars is continuously increasing day by day without a single accident.

Google and Volkswagen are only ones with there fully tested Self-driving cars.Mercedes Benz began testing Autonomous driving cars in their companies, and recently revealed their luxury o15 concept model equipped with inner neck connected displays that can control the tracking and hand gestures, and in the Tokyo auto show in November, Toyota unveiled its Automatic vehicle operation system which can be controlled by the rider.

Driverless Cars

Now despite some legal safety privacy obstacles standing in the way of companies bringing a Self-driving car to market today.There are many questions arises when the self-driving cars are running on the roads like can the system perform a perfect functionality or who is going to be legally responsible if the Autonomous vehicle hit a pedestrian it didn’t recognize.

Automotive CEO still think the Autonomous cars is inevitable as the technology advances.Google has said it wants its cars in the hand’s
for consumers by 2017 and Tesla,s Elon Musk wants passengers to get in and go to sleep and wake up a year destination by 2019.By 2020 GM, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Nissan, and BMW all expect to have at least semi-automatic vehicle available for purchase.If this prediction goes planned the world is going to be in a much different place by the time 2030.1.2 million people die in auto-related accidents every year in the world.In the U.S forty percent of the deaths involved Alcohol.

Driverless Cars

Now computers do get drunk for the mess with their cell-phones or get distracted.So expect auto-related deaths approaches zero as more autonomous cars hit the road.Autonomous Cars are going to be accessible to the Disabled, Elderly and young which raises in interesting questions.If the Autonomous cars no longer a car but a computer then do we need to regulate as much as we do with the cars today.Well, you need a License to ride in one I doubt our environment definitely thanks us more efficiency for driving means less energy is burned into our Atmosphere which means less Carbon dioxide.

Finally, we hope guys you know about some basic features Driverless cars.If you really think that we have made some efforts then don,t forget to appreciate our efforts, and if you have any queries then feel free to let us know via comments below.

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