BEST VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE FOR YOUTUBE Hey, guys, this is Akash and today am going to tell you some best video editing software for youtube.If you are searching for the video editor for your youtube channel then we must say you are in the right place.Today we are going to tell you some software that helps you to edit the videos.So without getting into query lets directly jump into the article.


1: Movavi This software is available for both Windows and Mac.It is simple and advanced features like modern text animations, transformations and you can even at chroma key and ken burns effect etc.This application is a good mixture of simplicity and features.This software edit different color effects and special effects.The next thing you can also do in Movavi adds green screens which are complicated to explain.This software also offers sound effects in the video. 2: Power Director This software is only available for windows and costs somewhere around 70 Dollars.In this software, you will find all the basic features like cut, join, layer supports and even advanced stuff like animations and video effects etc.Recently Power Director has also edited the support for 360 videos in 4K which most of the video editor in this category doesn’t do.Overall if you looking for good long-term video editing app which is easy to learn and also has all the basic feature that Power Director make allot of sense.If you are searching for more editing software then you can go through this link 3: Davinci Resolve This software is Powerful and features rich than Power Director and still, it is available for Windows and Mac for free.The first thing that you noticing the application is it requires a Powerful system. So when you open this application you will find four options at the bottom.The four options are Media, Edit, Color and deliver.In the Media option, all you have to do is import your stuff and second in the edit Pannel you can arrange them, edit texts transitions.Finally, in the delivery option, you can export your video to the desired settings. 4: Adobe Premiere Pro It is available for Windows and Mac although it doesn’t work very well in Mac.With Adobe creative Suit it can cost around 240$/year which is quite high.There are thousands of feature in Premiere Pro and there is no way I can cover them all.Generally speaking, there are two big reasons why want to use this Software.So first is if you want complete control over your video footage like moving things around frames and second is if you have plans to stay inside the Adobe ecosystem.If you are creating an after effects then you can simply boot the file directly to the Premiere Pro. 5: Final Cut Pro This software is only available for Macbooks and cost to somewhere around 300$.Just like all the Apple products Final Cut, Pro is also simple to use and it basically gets things done.Though the biggest reason for most creators uses this Software the Rendering crime.The Hardware and Software optimization is too good.Overall if you have a Mac OS you need something that is easy to use but simply just works then Final Cut Pro is the best application ever. 6: Shotcut is a free open source video editor with powerful features and includes support for wide range of formats.This Software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.It has a Professional field with Tonnes of features including 4K Support which is all included without restrictions.When you use first time this Software you will find just a big screen.It’s like all the traditional video editing apps just improved your clips to the playlist and then Drag and Drop them on your Timeline.The basic options are like Trimming, joining two Clips are there and unlike Windows Movie Maker this also supports editing in layers.You can also add a bit of text and transitions by going to the filter option, but when it comes to free Software this is the best you can get. Finally, we hope guys you find our list of”BEST VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE FOR YOUTUBE”.If you really think that we have made some efforts then don,t forget to appreciate our efforts, and if you have any queries then feel free to let us know via comments below.


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