Artificial Intelligence Good or Bad?

Artificial Intelligence Good or Bad?

Artificial intelligence is already changing the workplace, and it will continue to do so in the future.The biggest way Artificial Intelligence will influence the workplace is through Job Automation.Today we talk about the how A.I works and the Merits and Demerits.If you want to know about, the Artificial Intelligence you can go through this article.So without getting into queries let,s directly jump into the article.

Artificial Intelligence Good or Bad?


Artificial Intelligence

Robots will increase the work efficiency while keeping costs down for business it’s all about efficiency and the idea of Job Automation.Robots are doing in factories for years now A.I can be used for drive Cars and control Drones, the people believed that robot can do automatically all the work in factories and different sectors.Leaders in the technology industries such as Elon Musk argue that it’s inhabitable that robots will take jobs that don’t require the critical thinking from humans and the universal basic income will be inevitable.

Other expert targets if that time ever comes it will be for decades to come.Well, efficiency drivers will be more creative to create industries to acquire human critical thinking or there will be a plenty of people with no jobs.


Artificial Intelligence

We are able to learn the new behaviors quickly, we learn and adopt new skills and behavior pretty quickly as compared to other mammals.Think about all that different things that you know how to do it.We can do all, the works and recognize that work but there is a problem in the Artifical intelligence is that in most cases they can only do one thing.Robot and computer programs are performing the specific task, but they cant learn all about very quickly which implies some serious notation.There is a solution to that problem speaking to the verge Google deep mind researchers express the concerns there is no Neural Network in, the world and no man right now that to train robot and identify objects and images.In other words, the problem is that the Artificial intelligence system can,t do multitask.There is a single system can retain all information at once.


Artificial Intelligence

There is a major problem with Cyber Security there is a possibility that the Cybercriminals are hacked sensitive A.I system or, the Artificial intelligence is itself is used to do the hacking an article in a busy tech magazine is pointed out all humans are obviously are capable of hacking these systems ,but A.I can hack into the databases, government mainframe, and email mainframes and whatever else we can imagine.A.I systems are designed to hack the system in few hours.


Artificial Intelligence

With our Smartphones, TV shows and the general social interactions it,s safe to say that is A.I becomes more and more of a thing that trend will continue as more and more robots are implemented the human dependence on the machine is only increased,the cell phone is doing amazing jobs in the day to day life.Humans are spending more times on Apps as compared to before.This is quite obvious but this is designed for, the App makers who want people to spend as much time as possible using their Apps.

Finally, we all know about some basic information about Artificial intelligence, and how it is works in real life.If you really think that we have made some efforts then don,t forget to appreciate our efforts, and if you have any queries, please comment below, and thanks for visiting.

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